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I've reverted this page to remove my own changes. I realize that these summary pages of federal elections were starting to look like the pages for the individual elections, i.e., the tables contain the same info. I'm now working on a different summary chart that will show a party's progress over the time period of the summary page. Kevintoronto 17:46, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

I've taken another run at this page. The tables that I've created provide (I think) a good summary of the period, without reproducing information included elsewhere. For example, the provincial breakdown tables for the 1974 and 1979 elections (which are very intereting tables, by the way), appear also on the individual pages for each elections, so I've removed them from this summary page. I have indicated on this page that the provincial breakdowns can be found elsewhere. I hope that no-one is offended by this change. If so, please let me know. I do think that this approach makes sense, and will start work on the the 1940-1959 and 1980-present pages, if no-one objects. Kevintoronto 20:52, 8 Jul 2004 (UTC)

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