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Bombay Hospital
Bombay Hospital Trust
Bombay Hospital is located in Mumbai
Bombay Hospital
Shown in Mumbai
LocationMarine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates18°56′28″N 72°49′41″E / 18.941°N 72.828°E / 18.941; 72.828Coordinates: 18°56′28″N 72°49′41″E / 18.941°N 72.828°E / 18.941; 72.828
Care systemPrivate
Emergency departmentNo
ListsHospitals in India

Bombay Hospital a.k.a. BHMRC (Bombay Hospital And Medical Research Centre - Mumbai) [1] is a private hospital in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1950 by R. D. Birla.[2] It has 830 beds, 110 of which are in the critical care and recovery area. It has 22 operating theatres, 3,200 full-time employees, 240 eminent consultants and 200 resident doctors. In the R D Birla International Cardiac Centre associated with Bombay Hospital, there are 4 dedicated operation theatres, 2 cath labs where 1,800 surgeries and 4,000 angiographies/angioplasties are conducted each year. The department of neurosurgery and neurology also has 4 dedicated operation theatres. The department of orthopaedics has 5 dedicated operation theatres.

The departments include:

  1. Department of neurosurgery and neurology
  2. Department of orthopaedics
  3. Department of cancer
  4. Department of nephrology and urology
  5. Department of Imaging with facilities for CT scan, MRI besides other facilities

It is one of the oldest[citation needed] premiere private hospitals in Mumbai.

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